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Trypraying is developing in the USA. A core team of enthusiasts and practitioners is available to assist and coach churches and groups of churches so they can make the most of the project.


An exciting process is developing in the United States. A number of churches and groups of churches have been using trypraying. It is poised to develop much further. Our materials are being distributed via a new partnership with Outreach and will be marketed and distributed to 150,000 churches across the USA. There are also other partnerships developing which will see a significant expansion of the use and experience of this resource.

Access the materials from this website to be connected with the distributers.

“My atheist friends have no interest in learning about the Christian faith or going with me to church, yet when it comes to prayer they remain completely open. Trypraying is a simple and approachable resource that genuinely helps my skeptical friends begin a real, honest conversation with the God who loves them.”¬†

Angela Chadwick |  International Director of Prayer, Alpha Global.

“It’s an idea whose time has come.¬† Trypraying is one of the most exciting things we have done in years and has huge potential for growth in the US.”

Rev David McElrath | Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, San Diego.

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People have been handing out pamphlets, hanging banners, and actively participating in our promotional campaigns in recent years all over UK and in several different locations - now the initiative has begun in the USA. It’s encouraging to see how dedicated and passionate people are to trypraying.

Trypraying is about encouraging individuals to encounter God’s goodness.


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Morgan Pylant is an evangelism and outreach enthusiast! For 26 years, he has passionately pursued the lost while working as a Tour Director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and as a pastor for 11 years. Morgan is thrilled to be serving on the USA team and is ready to personally connect in order to identify partnering opportunities in your area!

Bob Reeves is an enthusiastic resource for trypraying in the USA. He has been responsible for establishing the trypraying process in Colorado over the last three years having brought the concept and vision from Scotland where he saw it in action.


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