Trypraying is an invitation to experience the kindness of God.

Trypraying is an invitation for people to experience the kindness of God.

People are afraid and living without hope. Past certainties have been swept aside and many are asking questions and seeking answers. Trypraying is a resource that enables Christians to share their faith, churches to do mission and groups of churches to work together.

Use it and Lose it
Use it and Lose it

The booklet

It is a seven day prayer guide for people who would say they are not religious and who don’t do church. It helps a person pray about things that are important to them and, crucially, it explains the message of Jesus inviting a person to trust him. It has ideas and information as well as short answers to FAQs.

The trypraying logo is a simple and attractive invitation for people to consider doing life with God. It says it all in just one word. When it is put into the public space with advertising and banners on churches the invitation goes to the whole community.

The project

For a church: everyone uses the booklet themselves one week and the following week everyone is encouraged to give it to a friend, a neighbour or a colleague - Use it and lose it! For a city churches unite to do this together.


Trypraying logo

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