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The origin.

The trypraying booklet began life as simply a prayer guide for those who are not religious. But very early on people started to see more in this than was originally intended. Over the years it has become a church project and a multi-church project across many towns and cities in the UK and the USA. It is also available in Australia and New Zealand with other countries showing interest. How did it grow? David Hill recounts…

“It was something of a surprise.  I went to meet a designer who was going to shape and brand both the logo and a new edition of the booklet.  We met in her office near the centre of Edinburgh. As we talked I put an earlier edition on the table. What happened next took me by surprise and I’ve never forgotten it. When I explained to her that the whole point of trypraying is for those who are not religious and don’t do church, her eyes filled with tears and she said, ‘This is huge!’  My inside reaction was, ‘It’s just a booklet.’

“On another occasion shortly afterwards when a group of people were praying about the effectiveness of trypraying a lady held up the booklet and said, ‘This booklet is for the nation.’   I had the same inner reaction, ‘It’s just a booklet.’  But then she corrected herself and said, ‘Actually, no.  It’s for the nations.’  Plural.

“At that point I began to think I have no idea what is happening!

These early indications, from over 10 years ago, set the direction.  Trypraying had origins in both Yorkshire and then Edinburgh.  It began to spread as a multi-church process across Edinburgh and then various towns and cities in Scotland. Gradually places across the whole of the UK began to see churches make use of this means of inviting people to connect with God.

Currently,  trypraying is available as a resource and strategy in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. It has been translated into Spanish, German and French.  A version of the prisons booklet has also been used in prisons in Sri Lanka.  It can be extended to almost anywhere in the world when there’s a person who sees what can be achieved and, by the help of God, will enable it to happen. Contact us to make it happen in your community!

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