Our Team: Bob Reeves

Trypraying in the USA
July 2022

Bob Reeves is a Colorado USA native. He received the Lord into his life when he was 15 years old during the Jesus People movement. He attended the University of Colorado and University of Northern Colorado and has a master’s degree in Chemistry.

After working as a chemist in industry for 33 years he and his wife Kathy attended Bible school and graduated from Confirming The Word Bible Training Center in 2015. They were sent by their church as missionaries to Edinburgh. God opened many doors for them while in Scotland including being appointed liaison to trypraying for Leith Baptist Church. They saw first-hand what trypraying can do to bring non-believers to the Lord, get a congregation outside of the 4 walls, and unify churches in a community. When it was time to go home after being in Scotland for 2-1/2 years, Bob felt the Holy Spirit telling him to take trypraying back to Colorado.

This is now our 3rd year of coordinating Use It, Lose It campaigns in churches in the surrounding area and receiving donations to put up trypraying advertisements on bus shelters all over the city. Bob and Kathy live in Longmont, Colorado and they have six adult children and three grandchildren.

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