Three Coffees

This is an idea to help you and a friend, or a group of friends, talk through the trypraying booklet together. You might think of it as a good way to have coffee with a few friends.

It’s not prescriptive but has a few ideas to help get started making sure the important things are covered.


To provide follow up when using  the trypraying booklet.

To help people to experience the kindness of God.

To facilitate a process which helps people lead others to Christ who in turn will lead others to Christ.


  1. Gather a friend, or group of friends, to do this. You can perhaps use this in an existing house group.  
  2. Work through the discussion series in a coffee shop, at home or wherever is best.
  3. Once completed, see if it can be repeated with more friends joining and/or others leading.


Pray!  For God to do something very special in people’s lives.  Trust him.  

Invite two or three friends to whom you have given the trypraying booklet.  Suggest meeting for coffee or beer or pizza or…

“The trypraying booklet and logo is all over the place. Loads of people are using it and many people are praying.   For some, it’s a new experience.  For others it’s more familiar territory.  I’d love to know what you think.  The novelty is that it’s for people who aren’t religious and don’t do church!  Can we meet up to talk about it?”


When it comes to meeting together the most important thing is to connect around the content of the booklet as it affects our lives.  Don’t set yourself up as a teacher but more a person alongside on a journey of discovery.  Ask questions and listen.

Don’t feel you need to get through all the questions as though it’s a syllabus to be completed.  These are here to help have a meaningful discussion together.    

Meet once, twice, … seven times using the plan where appropriate.  You don’t need to go through all of the sections.  Use this content as much as helps people on their journey.

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