Trypraying advert on the side of a bus

Join in

Trypraying is about getting into conversations.

Trypraying is a resource for churches, Christian organisations, or anyone who wants to share their faith with a friend, neighbour or family member. Trypraying is also a statement: a logo with the potential to start people on a journey – or at least to start a conversation. Across the UK, churches in various towns and cities have come together to display it on buses and banners and billboards, resulting in some amazing stories.

Our banners, booklets and other resources will make a visible and gently provocative invitation for people to engage with God in their lives.

A gentle provocation.

Putting trypraying in the public space every year puts a ‘stone in someone’s shoe.’ It provokes them in a positive way. They are being invited to try something that perhaps they have forgotten about or never tried.

Peter Anderson, leader of City on a Hill Church in Edinburgh said,

‘There’s no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.’ What’s the first thing people do in a crisis? They try praying. So we’re sowing the seeds that resonate with people. Within every human soul, there’s a knowledge we were created for a relationship.

Trypraying is for those who don’t do church. It’s an invitation to begin talking to God. Scroll down to see how it works, or visit our other website for enquirers:

If you’d like to be part of Spring 2024, please register here.

Trypraying logo

Curious about God, faith, prayer? Visit our trypraying website.

The Booklet

Use It and Lose It!

The core idea is to give everyone in a congregation a copy of the booklet for one week and encourage them to check it out (Use it). The next week encourage everyone to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend, a neighbour, or a colleague (Lose it).