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Begin using the booklet yourself. Become familiar with it.

Begin using the booklet yourself. Become familiar with it. People have appreciated the accessible style and non-preachy tone and it has been a stimulus to their own prayer life. As you use it, pray for your own ‘big issue’ and for others you know. Look for answers as you pray. Begin to ask God who you can pass it on to. Pray for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend, a colleague, a neighbour or someone you just bump into.
At its simplest, all you need to say in passing it over is:

This booklet is for people who are not religious. Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens?

Then pass the booklet over. Easy.

If you are looking to get the booklet for yourself click our resources tab where you can purchase a whole range of trypraying resources for yourself and your church. If you would like to get the booklet for someone dear to you, check out our ideas below to see how you can navigate the minefield of faith conversations and begin to share trypraying with them.


Trypraying is about getting into conversations. Start with your own conversation with God!  Ask him to give you opportunities to be in conversation with people. Then see what happens… It always helps to be a good listener. So ask questions and learn to listen.

Continue to read scripture, learn how Jesus and the Apostles shared the gospel with people and emulate them. Watch videos, or check out the Our Stories section of this website to get inspired for sharing your faith.


Here are a few ideas:

  • When talking with someone about a concern: job, health, family, etc. you could ask: “Have you ever tried praying about this?” or simply state: “I’ll definitely be praying about that.” and gauge their reaction.
  • “We’ve got a thing going on at church. We’re all using a booklet called trypraying. I think you would be interested to see it. Can I show you?”
  • “Have you ever prayed?”
  • Or a gentle challenge: “Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens.”

In what follows there will be an opportunity to share something of your own experience. At some point in the conversation you can offer the booklet and encourage them with a few words, ‘I’ve found this really helpful.  I think you would like it.’ It’s often helpful to introduce it by saying, “This is for people who are not religious and who don’t do church!” making people either curious or relieved! There are many people for whom this is an easy and appreciated gift. A minister wrote about the booklet, “It’s a brilliantly simple, totally accessible and non-cringey booklet that any of us would benefit from personally, but which has actually been written for people who aren’t religious.”


When you next meet you should ask how it went, what interested them, or if they managed to pray. Ask whether they feel their view of God has changed in any way. Refer to stories in the trypraying booklet or the section on questions. You could ask, ‘Did you pray the prayer on Day 5?’ This is where a person can respond to God’s love and forgiveness.  Talk about what it means to be forgiven. Share your experience of understanding God’s love. You could ask , ‘Did you pray the prayer on Day 6?’   Talk about Jesus promise to come in to our lives when we ask him. Share your own experience of Christ coming to you. Encourage them with his faithfulness to give new life to all who sincerely ask. Perhaps they have already invited Christ to be part of their life.  If so encourage them in the adventure. If not you can ask what it is that is holding them back and see if you can help with that and/or pray with them about it.

Maybe we could address more how to respond/react if people haven’t been keeping up with the prayers? Do you think it would be appropriate to encourage people not to become jaded or hurt over unbelievers not committing to the booklet? Something like this for example:

If you face a lot of pushback or minimal engagement from people, don’t be angry or worried; Jesus said, ``My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.’ ” - John, 10:27. Jesus will gather his sheep and despite facing rejection we should rejoice that we get to be a part of his great commission. Even if your attempts to share the good news don’t seem to be getting through on the surface, who knows what kinds of seeds you’re planting in that person’s heart for a future harvest.

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