Church Use

Churches across the UK are making use of the trypraying initiative with many places where churches are working together.

Use it and lose it.

The core idea is to give everyone in a congregation a copy of the booklet for one week and encourage them to check it out (Use it). The next week encourage everyone to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend, a neighbour, or a colleague (Lose it). They can encourage people by saying: “Try praying for a week and see what happens.” That’s it. Simple. Subsequently we can ‘news it’ by asking people to tell the stories of what has happened as people have prayed and shared their faith.

Churches are making use of this initiative, and, in many places, churches are working together to make a greater impact. See below for how other people have used our resources in their churches or community!

The trypraying booklet and smart phone app are not for Christians. Trypraying is unapologetically for those outside the church: the irreligious and the self-respecting agnostic. It’s very simple for anyone to pass on to a friend or a family member with a few words of encouragement ‘trypraying for seven days and see what happens.’

Aside from the booklet, the trypraying logo has had a major impact on many people’s lives. It’s possible to make it visible on your church or in your local area with banners, posters, car stickers and advertising.

Use it and Lose it
Use it and Lose it


For your church.

  • Choose two Sundays – one to introduce trypraying to everyone by giving a copy of the booklet to use themselves and the next to encourage them to give it away. (‘Use it and lose it’). 
  • Get a trypraying banner to put up outside. The Spring bundle has 100 booklets and a banner for a substantial discount. There are other resources too.
  • Pray for the congregation to get into conversations to share the booklet with friends. Pray for people to become Christians and for good stories to come back to encourage the church.

For your town or city.

  • Contact other church leaders.
  • Share information about trypraying.  
  • Bring people together into a meeting to decide: whether, when and how to work together.
  • Contact us for help.
Trypraying logo

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