Pray with us

Imagine what would happen if thousands of people were praying every day and hundreds of churches united in asking God for his will to be done.


Imagine whole communities becoming saturated with the presence of God and people forsaking what is wrong, experiencing his love and finding Christ every day. Imagine people becoming interested in the message of Christ and widespread social change as people live in hope instead of despair. Imagine discovering God to be near, answers to prayer becoming commonplace and church becoming truly glorious. Imagine… revival.

‘Lord, we ask that you would work, not according to the poverty of what we are or what we believe, but according to the greatness of who you are and what you can do.’

The heart of trypraying is to see people being invited to experience the kindness of God. Trypraying is an invitation for people to turn their lives towards God. Let’s pray that happens. Here are 3 things you can pray:

  • Pray for the people who come in contact with trypraying through any of our resources will experience the kindness of God in their lives and believe.
  • Pray that churches will embrace the opportunity of using trypraying in their own context.
  • Pray that groups of churches use this together and make a visible expression of our unity in the gospel.

Pray for 40 days

Catching the Wave

Catching the Wave is a 40 day prayer guide. It encourages us to pray for our own big issue, three friends to become Christians, and for revival in the nation. It works through different weekly themes and gives ideas for prayer for six days with a break on Sunday. You can preview it here . Although it can be used any time some people like to use it in the run up to Easter (during Lent). If you have used trypraying this is a great way to continue your journey with God. Order copies here or through our resource page.

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The forty day prayer guide is now available on email.

All forty pages will be sent, a day at a time, to those who request it. If you enter your details in the boxes below, we’ll automatically send you an email every day for the next 40 days with some helpful tips and pointers to guide you on your prayer journey:

Glimpses of Revival

The Glimpses of Revival e-book perfectly complements the Catching the Wave booklet, find our e-book in the resources area.

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Catching the Wave

Continue your journey with God with this 40 day prayer guide.