Churches working together in Spring 2024 to give people a decent chance to hear about Jesus.


Spring 2024: It’s a wild idea to give everyone a decent chance to hear about Jesus.

Spring 2024 its a wild idea
Spring 2024 its a wild idea

Churches in towns, villages and cities are trying something together in Spring 2024. It’s an exciting, whole-church activity that has everyone praying and then getting into conversations about faith. ‘Use it’ – one Sunday everyone is given a copy of the trypraying booklet to use themselves. ‘Lose it’ - the next Sunday: everyone is encouraged to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend, colleague or whoever they meet.

The use of trypraying banners outside churches makes it a visible and gently provocative invitation for people to begin to do life with God. Bought advertising puts this further into the public space so everyone can hear about it.


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