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The simplicity of the project and the attractiveness of the booklet have made this accessible to so many people.

Trypraying is a simple idea that has become an adventure!

It began as a booklet and it grew to be a church project and then a multi church project and now it has become a multi-region project. There are hundreds of churches making use of this. It’s not everywhere, but up and down the country the trypraying logo is being seen by literally thousands and thousands of people.

Several cities have trypraying advertising on the side of buses. On street corners, on railings and churches banners keep appearing.

Trypraying helps people pray about things that are important to them and most importantly it helps people start their journey of faith.

So where did the idea come from?

It came from a chance conversation with somebody who I’d heard became a Christian because she had been given a 40-day prayer guide. But a 40-day prayer guide is not the best thing to give to someone who is not yet a Christian. I thought, ‘Why don’t we write a prayer guide for people who are not religious and don’t do church?’ And trypraying was born. It’s become three things:

  • It’s a booklet to give away.
  • It’s a project for a church.
  • It’s a multi-church project across towns and cities.

The simplicity of the project and the attractiveness of the booklet have made this accessible to so many people. And the adventure continues. The best thing of course, is the stories of how God has used trypraying in people’s lives.

If you are curious about stories, or about how different churches have used trypraying in their community read more in our Changed Lives/Changed Communities section.

“To see a city full of banners and buses simply suggesting people try praying has been inspiring, but to hear the stories of lives changed is amazing!” - Dave Richards, Rector Ps and Gs Church Edinburgh.

“Trypraying is a fantastic evangelistic resource that takes the fear out of sharing your faith. Practical, accessible and engaging, it is a hugely relevant resource for evangelism throughout the UK and beyond.” - Gavin Calver. CEO, Evangelical Alliance.

“The beauty of trypraying is its simplicity - use it and lose it. And yet wrapped up in that simple formula is a resource that is seeing lives changed. ” - Martin Fair, Former Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

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