What makes people think?

If ever there was a time when prayer is high on the agenda it's now.
May 2022

What makes a person stop and think?

If ever there was a time when prayer is high on the agenda it’s now. The agonies of Ukraine are provoking a torrent of outrage and compassion in equal quantities. We get on with our ordinary lives here but we are haunted by what is happening there. We are living through times that are more uncertain than they have been for a whole generation.

However there is a hope that can take us through these days, and they are also causing more people to stop and think.

You can help.

It’s possible that you have happily read our emails and news over the last months. So many people are excited about the trypraying advertising beginning in the next two weeks. But there’s something else - and we think you can help with it.

There’s an opportunity for all of us. So many people are open to talking and want to find hope. Your church can be a catalyst to encourage people to get into conversations of faith.

Can you help with this:

  • Put up a banner.
  • Invite your community to try praying by putting up a banner.

Placing a trypraying banner outside your church is a positive, topical and gentle invitation for anyone to see. From credible research* we know that literally thousands of people will see it. It brings hope to an individual’s life and it points to the help of God in times of trouble. These are the days when people will stop and think.

Here’s where you can get a banner. With the banner, box, and booklets bundle you can also get a perspex box that can be put up next to the banner for people to help themselves to booklets.

Pass on booklets.

Invite the congregation to make use of trypraying booklets. What might happen if everyone in your church was carring a trypraying booklet they could pass on to friends? The chances are there would be many conversations about faith in which they would be able to pass on a booklet. Prayer is not just for those in church but for everyone and this is a way we can help them.

Here’s how you can get booklets

10% discount till Easter.

Would you like to get a discount on our materials? Our desire is that people everywhere are given a straightforward way of experiencing the kindness of God in their lives. There are many ways that we can help that process, but trypraying is a simple, accessible and topical way to do it. We would love you to be part of this and join the adventure of seeing people’s lives transformed by Christ.

Now is an ideal time to do this. So we’re cutting the costs for you. This coupon code will get you a 10% discount from now till Easter. Enter the code in the checkout section of the ‘shop.’ Code: Now10

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