What a day!

What a time!
February 2022

What a day.

The funding, which informed the decision, was going to the wire. What was the outcome? We are delighted to be able to say the goal was met.  As the result of the amazing generosity of many people from many places we have been able to obtain a strong advertising campaign across ALL of Scotland.  

So, for a month, beginning from the 14th of March, out of every available bus depot, there will be trypraying adverts on bus rear panels. In addition there will be 100 super-sides on buses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.

But then there was a wild card.  Coming at the last minute, was an offer and the money to put trypraying on ticket barriers in Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket stations along with 140 posters on the inside of Scotrail trains.

This has been an astounding provision and we are so grateful to you who have given and to God who has provided. This thing is going to fly!

In case you think this is all in Scotland, there are many places in the rest of the UK where churches and groups of churches are using trypraying. We made a mistake in the last newsletter by saying it was churches from Devon to Cumbria. Somebody kindly wrote from Cornwall saying churches there are using trypraying as well! And to be honest, the alliteration works better: from Cornwall to Cumbria!

What a time.

However, given what is happening in the world, what a time to encourage people to pray. So many hearts are heavy and people are afraid. These are desparate times. Many people turn to God who would not normally do so. Our desire is that, in praying, people will be led into an experience of the kindness of God.

3rd and 10th April.

Now more than ever is the time for churches to engage with this opportunity. In particular the idea of ‘Use it and Lose it.’ 

The ideal dates are 3rd April for congregations to have trypraying booklets to use, and then on 10th April for people to pray for God-given opportunities to give it to a friend, a neighbour or a colleague. (Other dates are available!) There will be many thousands of people who will see the advertising and be curious. So it’s now up to churches to use the opportunity and share the hope that we have in Christ.

All you need to do is:

  • Take 5 minutes (yes, that’s all) on Sunday 3rd April to share the idea and give people a booklet to use.
  • Take 5 minutes (Yep, that’s all as well) on Sunday 10th April to encourage the congregation to pass the booklet on.  You could show this:  short stories.
  • Order materials.  You can get a banner, 100 booklets and a perspex box for £150. 
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