The San Diego Initiative

November 2022

San Diego, Southern California.

Out of the 10 churches in the Coronado area of San Diego, 8 of them joined in a united trypraying project. We handed out all the booklets from our initial order, and needed to order more making it over 2500. People are have been excited about it and are talking about trypraying and ‘Using it and losing it.’ The booklets have been very well received. People have loved them, taken them, mailed them to friends and families. We had good crowds on Sunday, and we are still handing them out.

Yard signs have been all over town. We had several people visiting from out of town who took booklets home. One woman even took a yard sign back home on an airplane.

Trypraying is an idea whose time has come. It is one of the more exciting projects we have done in years.

Rev David McElwrath, Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, San Diego.

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