What happened?

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October 2023

The map above shows places where churches and individuals have ordered trypraying materials in the last 12 months. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been unfolding:

  • 600 orders from churches and individuals in the UK.
  • 49000 trypraying booklets being used in the UK including 20000 in UK prisons. 
  • 400 orders from churches and individuals in the USA.
  • 23000 trypraying booklets being used in the USA.
  • Bus advertising in Scotland.  Of the 5.46m people who live in Scotland trypraying adverts reached over 3 million. According to research, 65% of the adult population will have seen the adverts up to 13 times. 
  • Trypraying banners appear in countless places across the whole of the UK.
  • Devon churches worked together across two projects one in the north and one in the south also using bus advertising. 
  • Trypraying is being developed in the Czech Republic.
  • Work is underway on revision of French translation leading to printing and publication.
  • Trypraying resources are available in Australia and New Zealand.

For all this we remain bewildered(!) yet extremely grateful to God.

We are hiring.

We are planning to expand our team and need a special person to join us.  We are looking for a person who will help trypraying to be talked about across the whole of the UK. He or she will be a person with considerable initiative, leadership and communication skills. They will help create a team of trypraying local coordinators for different cities and regions. They will need to be in commutable distance to Edinburgh.

It’s a calling rather than a job. If interested email us for details team@trypraying.co.uk


Streets. Teams of people have been going out on the streets in Devon with trypraying feather banners, T-shirts and booklets to offer.  They have been meeting people, sharing their faith and offering to pray with people. and report that amazing ‘God events’ have been taking place.

In Seattle people have been doing the same.  Trypraying door hangers have also been used at 300 homes. People have been met, ministered to and encouraged as this personal connection takes place. 

Tried it. “I used to go to church quite regularly, but dropped out of the habit during and after Covid. Since using the trypraying booklet, many people of faith have somewhat coincidentally come my way.  It’s been really noticeable…. I have now decided to return to church.”

Illness. We received an email from someone who had been diagnosed with cancer. He had been given a trypraying booklet and he thanked us saying he had been reading it and said it had been giving him comfort.

New age. In Lincoln a team has been hosting a trypraying stall at a New Age spirituality fair which draws over 1000 people.  Theirs was one stall among 100.  They had a very visual trypraying display with banners and literature. They meet people, talk with them, pray with them and give out booklets. 

‘As a result.’ A man saw a trypraying advert on a bus in Paignton and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  He followed the bus into the station and took a photo just to be sure.  As a result, he has since spoken with his minister and the church has ordered a banner and 100 booklets.  They anticipate other churches to join in next year. 

That same man also spoke with his friend in Leicestershire.  As a result, he ordered booklets and gave one to everyone in his small church saying, ‘Some of us find it very difficult to initiate a conversation about Jesus with unbelievers. This is a resource that is especially useful.’ He then offered the booklet to anyone who would like to receive one with the suggestion that they use it themselves for a week and pray that God will guide them to pass it on to someone they know. All booklets were taken.

In brief.

Prisons Week in England and Wales is 8–14 October 2023 and in Scotland 19-25 November.  Why not order some of the new trypraying prisoners booklet .  Here’s a 25% discount code - prisonsweek2023. Use this when ordering.  

We have a new attractive adult booklet design.  You can see it clicking here.

We had a MOST encouraging  webinar last month with people from 6 nations present.  

In rural Wisconsin a team is recruiting up to 100 churches in 14 different counties to engage with trypraying and participate in public space prayer during October. 

Meetings in Hull have recently taken place and plans are underway for a united churches project there.


No one really likes to talk about money (or read about it?)  But the fact is regular monthly committed giving is what really makes the difference in financial security.  With reprinting booklets, helping finance the start up in France, core costs, etc.,  there are many demands on the finance we have.

Would you like to become a friend of trypraying and give each month.  Most people give between £10 and £100 a month to keep the ministry going.  You can donate here.

We are very grateful for your interest, encouragement and participation. It’s something we are all doing together: inviting people to experience the kindness of God. 

The trypraying team.

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