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May 2024

There are two things I need to write about:

Firstly. I want to say thank you for your connection with trypraying.  As you know we are concluding another campaign cycle and we are immensely grateful to God.  It has been 14 years that trypraying has been hitting the public space and 100s of 1000s of people have been encouraged to try praying.  Lives have been changed as a result!  For this we are truly grateful to God. We love sharing the stories with you.

Secondly.  I need to talk about money.  Here is the picture: we have four staff (two full time and two part time) one of the full-time staff is me and I cost trypraying nothing.  That’s because I have a support team who have prayed for us and financed us over many years.  However the monthly outgoings for staff salaries, in particular, are greater than the monthly income by at least £1000 per month.  In addition we will soon be printing more of the adult trypraying booklets and producing a redesigned youth booklet, both of which will cost several thousand pounds.  In short we need our regular monthly giving to increase for us to be able to head into the next campaign year.  

So you can see where I am going with this.  Can I ask you if you are able to commit to a monthly gift to help fund this ministry?  Currently our regular supporters give between £5 and £100 a month.  Are you able to consider an amount in that range?

Here’s how you can give: DONATE

The gifts we are asking for are different from the advertising budget which has been amazingly provided (again!) for the 14th year.  The funding is needed for our core costs, without which the whole project cannot continue.  Typically, no one really wants to give to core costs but they are nevertheless, essential.  Perhaps you are one of the friends who will buck the trend!

Incidentally, you may not know this but we send out free trypraying booklets for any enquirer who requests one from our website.  Obviously, we don’t charge for this but it costs us about £80 a month.  Perhaps that might be something you would like to help fund?

Just to encourage you, we will soon print an edition of the trypraying booklet in French and the Czech edition is already being reprinted.  Significantly, when we next reprint the UK edition, probably in September, it will send the total of all booklets printed to over one million copies.  We’re going to have a celebration!

I would be so grateful if you are able to help resource this ministry with a monthly gift. Please click the green button above for details.  Thank you so much for considering this.

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