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Here’s what happened, along with other stories and news.
July 2023

In the spring we were presented with an opportunity for our prisons booklet to be revised, reprinted and sent to 20,000 prisoners across the UK. Would it happen? Would the money be found? Here’s what happened, along with other stories and news. 

“I heard today that 20,000 copies of the new trypraying booklet for prisons are being distributed across 130 UK prisons this week. We wrote about this in the last mailing. It has been such an adventure for us to do this, and we were amazed again by the generosity of so many who gave towards the £12021 costs of printing this special booklet. It’s attractive, accessible, and easy to read. People who have given generously have covered all costs. If that was you, thank you so much. You know who you are!

So now, thousands of prisoners, via our partnership with Junction 42,  will get a simple invitation to experience the kindness of God.  We printed more copies for others to use, which you can order here: A little book making a big difference inside. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, your church, or your family, they are a good starting point and a good conversation starter.’’


We are planning to expand our team and need a special person to join us.  We are looking for a person who will help trypraying to be talked about across the whole of the UK. He or she will be a person with considerable initiative, leadership, and communication skills. They will help create a team of trypraying local coordinators for different cities and regions.

It’s a calling rather than a job. If interested, email us for details. 


  • A man had been praying for his friend for a few years and eventually gave him a trypraying booklet. In the conversation that subsequently took place, he was able to lead his friend to Christ.  His friend passed away three weeks later.
  • An elderly lady came to the cafe. In conversation with Sue, she said she believed God had forgotten her and didn’t think he listened to her anymore. However, she took a trypraying booklet and said she would try reading it. She returned to the cafe the following week and asked for another booklet. She said to Sue that she had read it and also told a friend of hers about it. She needed another one for herself, as she’d given the one she had to her friend.


Why do we do all this? It’s because Jesus Christ is the only way that a person can experience salvation. There isn’t anyone else who compares with him, equals him, or rivals him. The good news, the message of what he has done for humankind, needs to be shared and believed.  Trypraying is one way of doing this.

We are very grateful for your interest, encouragement, and participation. It’s something we are all doing together: inviting people to experience the kindness of God. 

The trypraying team.

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