I just thought I’d send you an email to thank you for your booklet. I came across it at a hard time in my life.
March 2022

I’d recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy and was absolutely devastated. I felt lost, felt like I had nowhere to turn, no hope. I was driving past a church on my way home and I felt drawn in. I saw your advertisement on their wall and I thought to myself ‘why not?’.

I can tell you right now that something changed for me in that moment. I asked God to help me, to make me stronger, and I prayed for my lost little one. I felt different after, like the weight had been lifted and suddenly I knew it was going to be ok. It was almost like a light being switched on. Since then, I feel like my eyes have been opened. I feel like there are signs all around me that God exists and that he hears us.

Whenever I have worries, I feel like I can pray about it and then I feel better, it gives me faith that it will all be ok. So that’s me and I’ve shared this with others. Some of which probably think I’m mad, but I don’t care. If I can show at least one person what I now know, then I will be happy and I’m sure that person will be too. Sincerely, Jenna.

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