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27m people in the UK pray.
trypraying team
February 2024

27m people in the UK pray.

Right now there will be somebody asking important questions and wanting God’s help. They probably have no connection to the church. We want to connect with them - and many others. Here’s how…


This is one of our planned advertising designs for this spring:


We have had some very generous donations for the coming advertising campaign, but we still have a way to go. £20,000 has been given by just 36 people! 

There are over 2000 people who read these emails. If half of that number gave £20.00 we would be able to have bus adverts across all Scotland; £60.00, and it’s a strong campaign with additional media across the whole country. There will be advertising in other places besides Scotland.

We have the offer of some match-funding to double gifts that come in.  This is a great incentive to give: £100 becomes £200, £200 becomes £400, etc.

I’m writing to you as an individual, not as a crowd of 2000! If you are using, or hope to use, trypraying you are part of a wide family of people and churches connected with us. We are grateful, and have huge respect and appreciation for you.  We would love it if you are able to join this financial adventure again.  Don’t worry if you can’t.  But if you can make a donation it would be wonderful to have you join us and make this possible. (If you click the donate button you can see an idea for how a church can make a gift without it coming from regular church funds!)

Can you do this just now?  Please click here to donate.



‘I approached a young woman on a late night shopping evening when I was out with our street team. We had a really good conversation. I prayed with her and gave her a trypraying booklet. That was a few weeks ago. Yesterday I had an email from her via our church office asking for me to contact her about coming to church and we’re now in touch. Please pray that she will find salvation in Jesus and a new sense of purpose for her life.’ 


‘My wife is in hospital and I gave out some trypraying booklets to other people on the ward.  I would often pray with them and encourage them to try this for themselves. I gave out 8 booklets. One lady asked for prayer for her situation to improve. When I got home that evening, she asked my wife to tell me that God had answered the prayer. I keep praying that God will continue to speak into their individual situations, to trust Him and that they, in turn, can share their experience with others.’ 


‘What we love about trypraying is the way it brings churches together. It is a conversation starter, it’s churches reaching out to their communities and it’s churches working in unity. The result: everyone gets to hear.’


‘We really enjoyed using trypraying and I think we continue to feel its impact both in terms of an invitational culture, as well as churches working together.’ 

Revd Fi Iddon, Trinity Churches, Shropshire.


Last month we held two webinars. These were great meetings featuring what happened last year as well as the plans for this year. A highlight was hearing of how trypraying is being used in different places. 


Last year 65% of the adult population in Scotland saw our adverts over 13 times. In previous research using an online questionnaire there was ‘brand awareness’ of the trypraying logo of over 50%. 

Trypraying is a simple way in for people to come to know Christ. Thank you for your interest and participation in trypraying.


On behalf of the trypraying team: Hannah, Knox, Keith, Anthony, Emma, Helen, Steve and Dean.

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