Hello. My name is Emily. For 23 years I was ill. I was constantly exhausted and sore: I had sore muscles, I had poor balance, I fell a lot. Really, there were no aspects of my health that were left untouched by this devastating illness.
February 2022

As the years went by my condition got worse. Over the last 12 years of my illness, I had to use a wheelchair whenever I was well enough to leave my home.

Although I was not expected to recover, in 2013 I went to a church and asked for Christian prayer for healing. After that things started to change. And over the months, I discovered that I had been believing some lies and that the soundtrack in my head was not altogether accurate.

I learned to weed out some of these lies and replace them with truth. I know that some people don’t believe in miracles. But I always did.

As the years went by I started to wonder if, perhaps God had overlooked me in some way, but in my heart, I always knew that God could do this for me and that one day - He would. I realized pretty quickly after I had prayed for healing that the things started to change over the months.

I made a full recovery. I was healed in body. I have a completely new life. I’m fully well, full of beans back to work, and I’m so grateful to God for this good thing that he’s done for me.

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