Elma lived in Falkirk taking care of her mother who was a stroke victim as well as travelling to Selkirk three days a week (2 bus trips each way) to look after her grandchildren.
July 2022

Elma took the long bus journeys three days a week to allow her daughter to go out to work.  On top of caring for her mother and her grandchildren, and the long bus trips between Falkirk and Selkirk, she was also in need to new accommodation.

Sitting on a bus travelling between Falkirk and Selkirk one day, Elma was at the end of herself.  Suddenly, pulling up beside her was a bus with try praying written on the side of it.  She thought, ‘it will take more than that to make me pray!’  But her bus then stopped directly opposite a church with a try praying banner on it.  She began to think that God was on her case.  So, she did pray, and it was just a cry for help; she said, ‘God, I don’t know where to start.’ 

Things began to change for her very quickly after that. The very next day she received a phone call, and things for her just started turning around.

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