Churches in 'Lower Warfe and beyond'

November 2022

After all the preparation and prayers, we’re off and running!

Praying, putting up banners, holding special Services, all so that we can introduce friends, family, anyone in need, to the God who loves them. Passing on the trypraying booklet is a gentle way to make that introduction – but then leave the rest to God – a step of faith, which we’re all encouraged to take. 20 Churches, 5 schools and hundreds of Christians of different traditions, from East Keswick to Appleton Roebuck, all doing the same thing.

Who can you think of who needs to know God in their lives? Maybe ask God to give you some pointers - not just now but in the days and weeks ahead!

A booklet that can change lives!

We hope that you’ve had or will soon have a chance to read the booklet, maybe work through the seven day programme?

If you have, that’s great - but that’s not what this is about! It is meant to be passed on to someone who doesn’t normally go to Church - ‘use it and lose it!’ (Maybe take several?) The programme starts with the premise that the reader doesn’t know whether God even exists, but is open to finding out more:

‘God, if you are there - and I am not sure you are - but if you are, I want to know you. I don’t want to fool myself; I really want to know you. So, as I pray, please make yourself known to me.’

Then it explains what prayer is, and what it isn’t. It explains how a life lived in relationship with God can be so much better than one built around self and the expectations of the secular world. We know that some people will take a booklet and not read it. Some will read it and it will have no effect. But we also know that some will read it and want to know more, to get to know the God who created and loves them. What a wonderful gift to be able to give someone. Exciting isn’t it! (Ulleskelf and Clifford)

Churches involved:

  • East Keswick Methodist
  • Collingham Methodist
  • The Bramham Benefice of Churches (inc. Boston Spa)
  • The Kings Church Boston Spa
  • Boston Spa Methodist
  • Clifford Methodist
  • The Tadcaster Benefice of Churches
  • Tadcaster Methodist
  • Ulleskelf Methodist
  • Church Fenton Methodist
  • All Saints Appleton Roebuck
  • Appleton Roebuck Methodist
  • Trinity Acaster Malbis
  • Acaster Malbis Methodist

Who should I pass it on to?

That’s for you to work out - ask God to open your eyes and heart to opportunities. It may be:
• a family member
• someone who used to go to Church but has lost touch
• a carer
• your hairdresser or mechanic
• the neighbour you know who is struggling
• a friend from a club or society
• a stranger who you meet who clearly needs help

Please do not feel that this is something you have to do - but please do pray about it - and, if it’s right for you, God will show you when and how.

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