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November 2023

This morning I was thinking about atheists!

It’s true there are some tricky questions for Christians to answer but the atheists really do have a hard time. They have to explain, without recourse to magic, how something can come from nothing. The universe in all its utter, incomprehensible size had a beginning before which it didn’t exist. There was nothing…a big bang…and then there was everything. An explosion from nothing started everything. But how can nothing explode? How can you get everything from nothing?

That’s tricky. A painting doesn’t paint itself. A building doesn’t erect itself. A sports car doesn’t design itself and a universe doesn’t create itself. Science shows this is impossible, not faith. The universe, as John wrote so long ago, didn’t make itself or happen by chance, but by the hand of an external creator.

Through him all things were made.

So it is all the more staggering, not only did he make it, but he became part of it. It happened, not by chance or magic, but by God’s choice to enter into life on earth as a human being.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

This is the season when we remember that quiet event of so long ago. When a person gets this, it transforms their lives. There is a God who listens and cares.


  • A young man took a trypraying booklet from a perspex box outside a church in Edinburgh. He subsequently met somebody outside the church and explained it had never entered his mind to pray, but he did. The booklet helped him and he wanted to say thank you.
    After Margaret had given her neighbour a trypraying booklet, the neighbour said:

That little book is dynamite!

  • In Devon, the children’s trypraying booklet is being offered to 200 children who will come to the Christmas service at a Methodist Church.
  • There is a broad initiative of many UK organisations called Shine Your Light which encourages churches to be out on the streets making the message of Christ’s coming accessible in the chaos of this season. Trypraying is one of the many resources recommended.

Let us encourage you to make use of the opportunities of this season. Are you needing resources for Christmas carol services? So many people turn up in church at Christmas. A trypraying booklet could be a great gift to visitors to make their Christmas last forever! Please visit our resources here.

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Spring 2024

And just so you know where we are heading, we had around 600 churches involved in trypraying this year. So in 2024 we are looking for 1000 churches and tens of thousands of Christians who will engage their communities in the simple invitation to trypraying: adverts in many places across the country, Christians praying for and sharing their faith with their friends and a huge impact across communities.

Is your church one of them? Let us know by clicking here.

Why do we do all this? So that people put their faith in Jesus Christ who mends broken lives and gives hope.

Trusting for the best still to come.

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