One small thing..

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April 2024

There’s a new day coming. 

In spite of all the appalling troubles in the world, God’s kingdom is growing and making a difference in countless thousands of lives.

  • Drawing.

I had been a Christian for years but there were things in my past that still held me a prisoner.  What changed for me was the simple idea of getting a piece of paper and writing a list of the things that I was ashamed about and drawing a cross (a big one!) over them.  That made the difference. Doing it helped me see I was forgiven by Christ’s death. That little exercise on Day 5 of the trypraying booklet helped me see things I hadn’t grasped in years!  Thank you.


  • Beaming.

Our friend lived in the block next door to us. We had recently moved there.  She had been invited to a couple of social events involving our house-group and I felt I should give her a trypraying booklet.  Just last week she went through the booklet and things began to happen. She got to the point of asking God to forgive her sins.  My wife had the privilege of leading her in a prayer.  She has come to church and our house group and is ‘just  beaming!’


  • Crying.

I had been praying for my neighbour.  She called in for a chat and  proceeded to tell Robert and me how she’d  been shopping in Marks and Spencers and suddenly she felt so overwhelmed she began to cry. A lady said to her you should pray and ask God to help you! When I heard that I offered her the trypraying booklet saying it had been a help to me. She’s  not a great reader but said she would take a look and commented on how everyone is urging her to pray.



Currently the trypraying logo is everywhere - almost. During this month churches across the country are making the invitation accessible. Some areas will have multi-church projects in the coming months and others in the autumn.

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50,000 more booklets have recently been printed for use in the USA.
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One small thing.

Gradually, over the years, more and more things had been added to the coat rack fixed to the wall. Coats, scarves, ornaments, bags, bottles of wine placed on the top, more bags, more coats…. Then at 1.15 p.m. last Sunday a friend added their coat to the rack.

That’s when it happened. Unexpectedly, dramatically and chaotically. The whole unit came off the wall with everything noisily crashing on to the floor as well as bruising the person who had just added their coat. Most distressingly, a bottle of red wine fell from the top and broke, spilling the contents onto the carpet making a huge red stain.

Why did it happen? Because just one more thing had been added and the fixings had to give in. In itself, the last coat was not heavy. But the cumulative effect had been building and a dramatic change came.

Perhaps we can reverse that idea. It’s the last ‘small’ prayer that makes the difference as God answers. It’s the last ‘insignificant’ deed of kindness that softens a person’s heart. It’s the last occasion when someone ‘feebly’ mentions Jesus to a friend that helps them over the line into faith. Small in itself, but cumulatively significant and, in effect, huge.

Don’t underestimate the long term effect of your ‘small’ efforts to cause change. Because God is at work.

With much appreciation.

The trypraying team.

David, Hannah, Emma, Helen, Steve, Knox, Dean, Anthony, Keith.

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