Yes, so I picked up the trypraying booklet, I took it home and I had a read of it and it really covered only a week so I thought ' So why not? I'll just give it a go, start with day one and see what happens.'
April 2022

I just started and I read day one, at the end of each day there is this little activity to do, and the activity for day two said that every time you pick up your phone, say ‘God, I want to communicate with you’ so I started doing that. I picked up my phone and every time I did it I would say ‘God, I want to speak to you’.

And then the phone started ringing one day and it was my daughter. It’s not strange for my daughter to phone me but when she phoned me that day she just said ’ I’m just phoning to find out how you are.’ And I thought ‘Well, I know I talk to you a lot but you never phone me just to ask me that.’ It was amusing for me to think she was just phoning to ask that when I’d been praying and I’ve been saying ‘God I want to speak to you.’

Another one of the activities was to pick up a stone from the garden. I went outside and got the stone, in fact I’ve still got the stone, and it said that the stone was a sign of God being permanent in your life. I’ve kept the stone to remind me of that. I kept going on with the activities and reading the booklet. And then on day 5 or 6, it talked about opening a door, opening your door and asking Jesus into your life. It seemed a bit silly at first because I thought ‘What if somebody sees me when I open the door?’ So I went to the backdoor, I opened it and I asked Jesus to come into my life. And it was amazing.

Something changed in my life. I felt really different.

Would I recommend the booklet to anyone else? Absolutely! It’s such a simple booklet and it totally changed my life.

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