50 churches working together

July 2022

In North Yorkshire there were over 50 churches across a wide area of the Dales where banners and boxes where displayed: It was almost impossible for visitors to the Dales to miss it. Phil Burns, the minister of Skipton Baptist Church writes:

“It has been amazing to be part of the trypraying Spring 2021 initiative in the Yorkshire Dales. It is such a simple and yet powerful tool to engage the church and the community. The banners make a bold statement to all who pass by, and the availability of the booklets make faith-sharing easy and natural.”

“Trypraying is also a catalyst for church unity. Across the Dales and beyond it has been a valuable rallying point around which churches have united. We have seen over 50 churches join and the dynamic this produces is really exciting for the future. We believe it is just the start of something significant for our region.”

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