What happened in 2022..

November 2022

What we do.

We invite people to experience the kindness of God. To do this, we produce resources for people to experience it, strategies for churches to share it and advertising for people to see it.

For the last 12 years trypraying has grown from a simple idea and resource to a movement across towns, cities and even nations. It is a personal evangelism resource, a project for a church and a strategy for reaching cities. The clear goal is to invite people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as explained in the core literature piece, the trypraying seven day prayer guide. It’s a resource that has a connection to millions of people who may, on occasion, be inclined to pray.

In the last 12 months…

  • 25,000 trypraying booklets have been distributed.
  • Of the 5 million people who live in Scotland, trypraying bus advertising reached over 2.74 million people with each person seeing it up to 7.84 times. (Yes, you did read that correctly.*)
  • Other bought media - train ticket barriers, digital screens, etc. - multiplied the impact.  
  • Banners outside churches were seen across the country.
  • In North Devon, in and around Barnstaple, 181,000 people would have seen the logo 3.16 times.*
  • 600+ churches have made use of trypraying resources this year.
  • Quality postings on social media continued.
  • Of Christians who completed our recent survey 86% said they had passed the booklet on to others.
  • Between 70% and 88% of those who were given the booklets were probably not yet Christians - which is the point!
  • One person gave a booklet to a butcher, then a baker (what next…?)
  • There was an effective project in San Diego, California. 

Outside of core costs, we were able to raise and spend £85000 on advertising. This came from individuals, churches and much of this was helped by a £25000 match-funding gift from the Vardy Foundation. 

*Market research done by Route, an independent research agency supplying information for the advertising industry.


“Trypraying is a fantastic evangelistic resource that takes the fear out of sharing your faith. Practical, accessible and engaging, it is a hugely relevant resource for evangelism throughout the UK and beyond.” 

Gavin Calver. CEO, Evangelical Alliance  

“The beauty of trypraying is its simplicity - use it and lose it. And yet wrapped up in that simple formula is a resource that is seeing lives changed. Grab it and get on with it!” 

 Very Rev Martin Fair, Former Moderator of the Church of Scotland   

“What I love about the trypraying booklet is that it takes people with no religious background on the journey of discovering what it is to have a conversation with God. At a time of great need, this is a powerful tool that provides a route to journeying with God.”  

Richard Gamble, CEO, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

“In over 25 years’ experience of conducting research to help evaluate communication and marketing activity, the results of the trypraying campaign in Edinburgh are amongst the very best results I have seen for a non-TV campaign”  

Jim Law, Wild Heather Research.

‘Trypraying is a simple, proven and effective way to help people encounter God. It is non-threatening, easy to use and yet profound. To see a city full of posters simply suggesting people to ‘try praying’ has been so inspiring - but to hear the stories of lives changed is amazing!’

Rev Dave Richards, Ps and Gs Church, Edinburgh

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